Wedding Day Questionnaire

I am so excited to photograph your wedding! Please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire; It will help me get to know you a little better, as well as aid me in creating a more accurate timeline for your big day! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Client Information
Person #1 Name *
Person #1 Name
Person #2 Name *
Person #2 Name
Person #1 Cell Phone *
Person #1 Cell Phone
Person #2 Cell Phone *
Person #2 Cell Phone
Current Mailing Address *
Current Mailing Address
Wedding Day Details
This is important for me to know, as this will decide what time I arrive at the first location to photograph details, documenting getting ready. Typically I arrive after the make up is finished, but right before hair is done (for a bride).
A 'first look' is when you see your person in a private area, before the ceremony. Typically it is just between the two of you (and me, of course!). Depending on the time schedule, I may suggest doing this, as it helps getting more portraits taken before the ceremony, but it is ultimately up to the couple and what they would like to do!
Include the names of everyone in the bridal party, including Maid of Honor, and Best Man.
Please describe if your ceremony has any religious, spiritual, or any other unique happenings...
This doesn't include the main wedding details that are easily seen. This is referring to specific family heirlooms or other details that the photographer may not recognize as important that you would like given extra attention.
Family Portrait Combinations
This is for the specific time set aside for taking photos with your family members. This usually includes the ring bearer(s), and flower girl(s). Please list out the combinations you would like to be included. A few of the more common combinations are listed below! Please add to, or change the existing to meet your needs. Also please note below if there is any reason certain family members should not be placed next to each other (step-parents, etc). Please use actual names, as well as who they are to you.
Any group combinations that are larger than ten people. (Please use actual names, as well as who they are to the Bride or Groom.)
Emergency Contact Information
Maid of Honor
Maid of Honor
Best Man
Best Man
Close Family Member *
Close Family Member
Vendor Information
Please include the names of the vendors that are participating at your wedding. Note that most likely not all apply so feel free to leave those sections blank. Also include their name or email or website information if you have it!
The Fun Stuff!
Final Notes
Getting Ready *
Please keep main photographed areas of the getting ready room tidy as possible. This includes the areas where make-up and hair are being done and where the dress will be put on. Bags and various clutter should be kept as hidden as possible to avoid being in the photographs. It is recommended that the room be tidied a few minutes before the photographer is set to arrive. Also remember that it is important to natural light photography to get ready as well as put on the dress near a window.
Bride and/or Groom Details *
Please have all details (attire, shoes, rings, jewelry, florals, invites, etc) available when the photographer is set to arrive. Not having the details easily available can cut down on the creative level and amount of shots taken of said details due to not having enough time to do so.
You're getting married! *
When it all comes down to it, you are marrying the love of your life. Get lost in the special moments of your wedding day! The schedule and details will all work out. It's normal for things to get a little behind but I will help get things back on track. Hug your family and friends, kiss your love, laugh big and often, twirl in that beautiful dress... this day will be one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life!