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Meet Paige

Hey there! I am a film wedding and family photographer, antique enthusiast, and mom to a sweet and sour five-year-old girl, Meredith.

I hold a special place in my heart for photography; Creating images that tell stories of the people, places, and things we hold close most in life. I love 'different'. I love weird. I love real. I'm not your everyday photographer. I am not afraid of imperfections. I embrace life as it is.

There is a quote that struck a chord with me the first time that I read it, "Sharpness is never my priority, emotion is." - Sue Bryce. To me, photographs are not only made great by the technical composition and techniques used, but the way you feel when you look at them. In a way, I want my photographs to have a heartbeat, and to not only look pretty or appealing but to remind us of what we saw and how we felt in that moment.

I love working with couples and families that are comfortable being themselves, that don't let rainy days, messy homes, or screaming babies get them down. Your wedding day is one-of-a-kind. And life goes by so fast when you are witnessing your kids grow up. Take advantage of the here and now, because these memories are so important. You will want to look back and remember these days. Be prepared to let loose, step out of your comfort zone, and enjoy yourself, your partner, and your family in this journey we will take together.

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