Personal Film Roll - Williamston, Michigan

Taking a chance to slow down for a minute and looking at the world a little differently. Most of us see the same things everyday, we expereience the same feelings, smells, and sounds. Sometimes when I drive, or go for a walk, or am out taking photos, I'll try to remember look in places that I normally wouldn't. 

I'm sharing some film photographs from a roll that I honestly needed to finish up so I could send a batch off to the lab the next day. I pick my daughter Meredith up in Williamston, near Lansing, every other week from her dad. Instead of hopping back onto the highway, I took a little drive into town and stopped near this block of colorful buildings. It was cold, and kind of dark. I am delightfully surprised that these photos came out so well, and I love the colors especially.

Just do me a favor tomorrow? Look around, and find new feelings, smells, and sounds.