Home - Grand Rapids, Michigan

I was gifted a roll of expired Tri-X 320, 220 film. It's such an exciting feeling to try out a kind of film that is new to you. I don't use Tri-X often, and when I do it's normally a 400 speed. There isn't much of a difference, that I've noticed anyway. But it was also my first time working with expired film.

While the technical information is fun to read about, this blog post is more about this day that I was experiencing with my daughter, Meredith. I had taken the day off, and we spent the afternoon running around our home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As you can see, Meredith doesn't sit still for long. I had chased her around with my camera, something not new to her at all. Photographer her doing flips, trying on my headbands, and putting her legs up on the furniture. 

I can't say enough how much I love photographs like this. Even when they aren't perfect, there is something delicate and beautiful about them. Meredith will be four this year, which in my mind is crazy. I can still remember her tiny hands and feet resting on my arms. She will never be as young physically as she is today, and I just wanted to capture that. These photos tell a story of exactly who she is. 

Photovision did a splendid job scanning and processing this roll. I seemed to have a tough time getting this particular 220 roll inside of my little Yashica Mat 124g. (But I think the scratches make the photos evan better.)