Trip to Chicago, Illinois

A couple of weeks ago I took a short weekend trip to Chicago. The city of Chicago has always felt like a home away from home of sorts. A handful of friends live here, I've stayed at their homes, as well as multiple wonderful airbnb hosts homes. I've been to it's parks, shops, restaurants, and museums. It's been my vacation spot, while still staying just a couple hours away. 

This weekend I made a list of the places I wanted to visit. (I knew if I didn't, I would be lazy and sleep in or take forever to decide what I actually was going to do for the day.) Saturday I had breakfast at Yolk (seriously, so good, I could eat their food everyday), walked around Millennium Park, bought some film and fan-girled at Central Camera (also, huge thanks to the employees at Central for finding me an empty 120 spool as I left mine at home that weekend), and spent hours inside of Field Museum

Sunday was a tiny bit more laid back, kind of, but not really. Shedd Aquarium was my first stop. I've always been fascinated with the creatures of the deep sea. I try to go to Shedd any chance that I get. And on my way home I stopped at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I photographed a wedding party inside of the Conservatory in May last year, and it was really beautiful inside. Hot, but beautiful. My poor Contax fogged right up (which you can see from the first two photos).

I love sharing my personal experiences and photographs with anyone who will look and listen. They speak to me just as much as the photos of my incredible clients. I hope you enjoy my rambling and posts.

Peace out, Chicago girl scout. xo