An Afternoon with Film

Over the past few years I have fallen in love with film. Beginging my journey with photography at a young age, my grandfather's old Canon, and grocery store disposable cameras were my second pair of eyes. I was drawn to the mystery of photographing with film, knowing that even if I didn't get a perfect image technical wise, I would still love it somehow. And the way that film rendered color and light was so intriguing, it had me seeing the world differently.

For me, learning the tricks of film was an act of trial and error. I could read books and online threads for hours, but nothing would quite click unless I had a camera in hand trying it out for myself. Playing with different film cameras to see what I felt comfortable using, and film stocks to help me find out what colors and amount of contrast I preferred. Being more active with film, using it to photograph my everyday life along side my clients, has brought me to a place where I now know what works for me. 

My hope behind 'An Afternoon with Film', is to put that active education to use, and fill the minds of both professionals and hobbyists with the beauty of film and what it can truly be and do. Instead of spending time behind a computer, spend more time behind the lens. Asking questions, and learning from someone who has been in your shoes before; You love the look of film, but you don't know where to start with buying gear, or what different stocks have to offer, or when to use them. You've been using film for personal use, but aren't sure how to merge it into your digital photography business. You want to take film photos of you family or children, but aren't sure if you should use a local lab or not. There are so many different situations that someone could be in, or it can really come down to being afraid to use film because it can be unpredictable. But let me tell you, sometimes a wonderful part of photographing with film is the uncertainty.

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Information to be Covered

We will go over all of the information you see below, while also spending time actually photographing. During one-on-one sessions, and An Afternoon with Film, we get together with a couple, family, or individual to photograph both indoors and out. This gives you a change to see my process of working with film while photographing clients. And you will get a chance to put your newly taught skills to use!

- Different types of film cameras, 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid.
- What film stocks there are, what they offer, and what situations they are best to be used.
- Metering c-41 (color film) and black and white film with a hand-held meter.
- What it means to push and pull film.
- What lighting situations are awesome to photograph in, and what lighting particularly isn't (and what to do in that case!)
- What professional labs are available to use, and how to properly package your film to be shipped.
- What camera shops are available, and that are trust worthy, in case you need a repair.
- How to incorporate film into your business, or daily life.
- How to photograph the little ones on film without losing your mind.
- How to talk about the value of film with clients, and how to work it into your pricing.
- What it means to "slow down" with film, but not let it cramp your style or creative process.

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Words of Encouragement

"There can be moments in your life that are especially influential.  Studying side by side with Paige has been an amazing experience for me as a creative.  I was wondering how to make the jump to film photography when I stumbled upon her work and her courses.  I needed advice on equipment as well as every aspect of film photography.  During our one-on-one session Paige taught me the basics of camera operation, how to expose correctly, and shared with me invaluable insight on fine art film photography.  Her guidance has given me inspiration to keep growing as an artist." Katie Wachowiak of Claude & Augusta

"I am so happy I went to Paige's 'An Afternoon with Film' class! She broke everything down in a way that was easy to understand. The way she explained the basics of film was both informative and useful. After we spend some time listening, learning, and asking questions, it was time to put our time to use. The hands on portion was terrific and a way to unitize what we had been speaking about. Paige was there to answer any questions we had about our cameras, and hand-held metering. I would highly recommend taking this class if you have any interest in shooting film." April Adams of April Adams Photography

Specifics and Investment

As of right now, there is not a date set for An Afternoon with Film. However, I am so excited to be currently offering one-on-one film classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are not located in west Michigan, and would like to book a mentoring session, please let me know! I travel often, and would be more than happy to work something out.

One-on-one mentoring session are $600 and include an afternoon learning the basics to intermediate information about film, option to use different film cameras and film stocks, photographing subjects inside and outside, seeing my process of photographing clients first-hand, and lunch! 

Q & A

What should I bring?

Any film cameras you have at home. Film stock(s) that you want to try out. A hand-held light meter. Pen and paper to write notes on!

What if I don't have a film camera or light meter?

No worries! Lucky for you, I have a whole table filled with 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid cameras for you to practice on during our session. All you need to do in this case is bring your own film depending on which cameras you would like to try out. I suggest bringing a mix of both 35mm and 120 film so that you can try out both. 

I am not a photographer, but I am interested in using film.

That's great! You don't have to be a photographer to jump into film, everyone starts somewhere. And don't forget, most people used film exclusively at one point! You can definitely teach yourself the basics using film, you just need to trust yourself and practice.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on gear.

Not a problem. There are tons of options for cameras and lenses that give incredible results. When we go over film gear, I can give you suggestions of what are available to you in the price range you are looking to spend.



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